" A Dream of a Better World"

Nēy-T, whose real name is Gasseunegora Netty Manga, was born in Dakar, Senegal, to a Senegalese-Togolese mother and a Senegalese father. At the age of 2, his parents divorced and Nēy-T was under the care of her mother. At the age of 10, his mother decided to move to the south of Senegal in the region of Ziguinchor, where Nēy-T would live until he graduated from high school. One of the most defining moments in his life occurred when he was 13 years old: he discovered his love of music, especially rap, through the works of the PBS (first rap group in Senegal). He began scribbling his own lyrics, though when he moved back to Dakar it was to attend the public university of Dakar.


During his first years in Dakar, he made new friends who were passionate about choral singing. Together they created a gospel choir, and Nēy-T discovered his talent for singing. He bought his first guitar and began to learn music as a hobby. As a young adult, Nēy-T obtained Master’s Degrees in Geography and Urban Planning. Throughout this time, music became a vehicle for self-care and self-expression.


Over the years, his passion for music grew, and Nēy-Twas assigned more and more responsibility within his choir groups. It was at this time that he started to seriously consider the possibility of transforming his hobby into an actual career. With this resolve, in 2010, he participated in the song competition XEEX SIBIRU and reached the semi-finals.


In the same year, he took part in CALU’s musical composition competition, attended by representatives of 6 African countries, and came in 3rd.  The song that earned him this spot is called "BONDE," in which he speaks of his faith in God as a base that gives him confidence.


In 2013, after graduating from university, Nēy-T decided to leave the choir and join a group of musical varieties "Africa Reen." Twice a week Nēy-T performed in the hotels and restaurants of the capital by covering the great classics of contemporary music.


In 2015, Nēy-T seized the opportunity to emigrate to the United States, to realize his dream. His first year in New York City was a period of adjustment and stabilization that did not allow time for him to pursue his musical projects. He decided to move to Michigan to stabilize himself financially and invest in his music in 2016; two years later, Nēy-T invested in his first home studio with the aim of self-producing his first album.


As he matured, Nēy-Tdeveloped his musical style. Having grown under the influence of African and Western rhythms, he wished to combine the two to create a fusion of the modern and the traditional. Nēy-T loves urban music, and his body of work can be classified in pop, R&B, soul, afrobeat, or reggae.


Nēy-T calls himself a “free” artist – there is no topic he would not touch as long as they align with his moral values. Music for him is a means of expression that allows him to address all topics without restriction. Nēy-T wants to make his audience dance while advocating for marginalized people. A dream of justice for a better word!


Nēy-T wants to reach the top of the music industry. He looks forward to his music to be universal while always reflecting his African roots. His message centers mostly around love, peace, and justice. 


His upcoming debut album will be called "Illusions", a peek into a period of emotional and sentimental upheaval in his life.